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Tinkering: 2018-04-30: Keyboard Cleaning Nozzle for Festool Shopvac

nozzle This is a nozzle for a Festool shopvac for cleaning keyboards, especially laptop keyboards. It is shaped so that it sucks between the keys, rows and columns, and the opening is too small for keycaps or track point caps to be sucked in. Hopefully. I still take off my track point cap before vacuuming the keyboard, just in case.

nozzle Because this is for Festool, use neon orange colour as usual for extensions.

This was printed at 350µm (draft mode) of a Prusa i3mk2 printer in ABS. Infill does not matter, because this is mostly walls anyway – not much to fill in. I used a 2mm brim.

The edges were chamfered afterwards with a file. I find this faster for single items than including the chamfers in the design.

I tried to upload this to Thingiverse, but upload is broken sometimes, so the files can also be downloaded here:





June 14th, 2020
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