Dot to GDL Converter

Sample graph converted to GDL

This is a C++ program that converts GraphViz .dot files into aiSee .gdl files.

Note that the conversion is highly non-trivial due to some totally different concepts of specifying graphs. Therefore, this program is far from complete. Many files already convert nicely, however.

Sample graph converted to GDL

Example of Usage

The graph above was converted with a somewhat lengthy command that sets a few layout parameters to make the graph look nice. It converted the top right graph on this page.

dot2gdl softmaint.gdl \
          --layout-algorithm forcedir \
          --gravity 0.0 --repulsion 30 --attraction 140 \
          --magnetic-field1 polar --magnetic-field2 no \
          --shape2color circle  red \
          --shape2color ellipse green


Source Code

LibError is required for compilation:


i386, amd64, and source packages

Alternatively, add the following to your /etc/apt/sources.lst:

deb  etch  contrib main non-free

And type:

apt-get update
apt-get install error
apt-get install error-doc




November 28th, 2011
Comments? Suggestions? Corrections? You can drop me a line.