On this page, you find some texts generated by a text-to-speech system in one of the the languages of Greenland, Westgreenlandic, or 'Kalaallisut'.

Note that the speaker is German, so unfortunately, not all phonemes needed for Kalaallisut were available. This includes vowels, velar fricative, uvular stop, and lateral fricative.

I hope you still enjoy this despite the strong accent. :-)

Listen! Tikilluarit!
Listen! Inuttut Pisinnaatitaaffiit Pillugit Silarsuarmioqatigiinnut Nalunaarut Aallaqqaasiut
Universal Declaration of Human Rights (the first five articles)
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Listen! Silarsuaq Pinngortitaasoq
1. Mose 1: Genesis
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January 14th, 2013
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