Henrik Theiling's Software Projects

This is a list of some of my open source software projects.

Erwin Efficient Data Structures + Tools Reference
liberror Message Printing Library Reference
barcat 'cat' clone displaying ASCII progress bar
rushhoursolve Rush-Hour Traffic Jam Puzzle Solver
Dot2GDL Converts Graphviz .dot to aiSee .gdl
Transparency Tool for Transparent PNGs
Liquid Pixel Font Family
Metacza Template Meta Compiler with Zero Apprehension
Badut Home Theater PC
pamlirc PAM via LIRC
Lookup Table Generators for C code lookup tables
EditForm Skriptable graphical options editor
parrot Parrot Teacher
cxsipa IPA-CXS/X-Sampa Conversion
logfiles Scripted Strato Logfile Download
eurosym Euro Sign for LaTeX
SQL::Yapp Embed SQL syntax into Perl
ac3iec958 Converts an AC3 stream for SPDIF/IEC958 capable ampliers


January 17th, 2023
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