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Tinkering: 2018-01-10: Shaver Adaptor for Vacuum Cleaner

parts This was on my list for quite a while. But I always forgot about it until it was time to shave and then I had no time to do it before shaving, and then, I would forget again until next time.

This time, I remembered it a day before shaving, so I built it: an adaptor for attaching both the shaver and the vacuum cleaner so that the cut hair is immediately sucked away. Less messy!

parts It did not take long to construct the 3D model, maybe two hours. But printing (time to watch TV crap) took 6 hours, because it is not small. The main problem why it even took two hours to construct was the relatively organic shape of the shaver. The first step was to simplify the shape into cuboids, which turned out to work very well.

parts When I first tried that thing, the fence was not yet there. That's not a good idea, because skin, particularly cheeks, may be sucked in. It did not hurt, but I did not feel very safe, so I added the fence.

parts The fence has its problems, too: long hair will wrap around the horizontal center bar instead of disappearing into the vacuum cleaner. I might cut that bar out one day, I don't think it's vital. For now, my strategy will be to just open the fence for long hair (which is mainly where there is no skin that gets sucked in) and close it for shorter hair.

I still find myself closing the ear with a finger when I get close to one, because somehow I fear the vacuum cleaner might damage my eardrum.

parts You can play with the 3D model as usual.

If you want to build this yourself, I doubt you will want to use my SCAD or STL models because most likely your shaver has a different size, so your need to change them anyway. But, well, maybe you can import and modify them, so here they are.


Very nice thingy, this. A small improvement of my life. :-)



December 6th, 2020
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