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1   lb.   potatoes  
3     eggs  
2   tbs   starch  
1   c   flower  
1   tbs   ground mace  

These schupfnudels are a nice side dish for sour roasted meat.

You can use violet potatoes in order to get funny colour schupfnudels. Use a little more starch with these potatoes.


Ingredients for the schupfnudels

Wash potatoes thoroughly and cook in peel.

Potatos, cooking Potatos, cooking

Let the potatos dry a bit, then peel them and let them stand for 14 min. to get dryer.

Push through a ricer, then let dry for another 15 min.

Knead with starch, flower, eggs and mace.

Dough for schupfnudels Dough for schupfnudels

With flowered hands, take 15mm (0,6inches) pieces of dough and shape like small sausages.

Caution: the fresh schupfnudels glue together quite easily, even when a lot of flower is used. So process quickly and during the time of processing, keep them well spread and flowered.

Schupfnudels, in shape Schupfnudels, in shape

Cook schupfnudeln in quite a lot of salted water. They are ready when they ascend to the water surface (after about 3-4 minutes).


January 14th, 2013
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