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Tinkering: 2024-03-31: Door Lock Repair

door empty This door would not close properly anymore, because the lock was broken. Naturally, I tried to repair it instead of just buying a new one.

old spring The lock is quite old, maybe 80 years? This spring was not working properly anymore, and when I tried to bend it a bit, it immediately crumbled into pieces, because the metal had become brittle.

spring steel band This was a good excuse to try to make a new spring, so I ordered some spring steel band. The original was 9mm wide and 0.8mm thick, but I thought that modern steel is probably more tough, and I ordered it 7mm wide and 0.6mm thick, which was perfect. It was very springy. I started by making it red hot with a gas flame in order to recrystalize it to avoid breaking it by bending.

new spring And this is the new spring. It was really easy to make with some pliers, without any special new tools.

overview There are two such springs in the lock, the replaced one is for pushing the main anchor out.

squared bolt To bend the inner loop into a square to fit it into its socket, I sanded down a bolt into a square. This was then used as a jig to coil the spring. After the first round using pliers, I got a nice tight fit and I could just turn the bolt to make more rounds.

new spring The new spring fits nicely after sanding it a bit smooth.

auxiliary bolt To close this, the main arbor for the door handle needs to be bolted to the lock, because otherwise it is pulled apart by another strong spring. When opening the lock, I did not know this, and it fell apart. Luckily, I managed to understand how to put it back together. I hope.

closed This is the closed lock, with the auxiliary bolt removed.

inplace And now the door works again.



April 6th, 2024
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